Thursday, 20 September 2012

World's 10 worst airlines for safety

Ok, so this is a list that may cause controversy. It is based on accident statistics and fatalities over the years. 

We all strive for safety in all aspects of our lives and, air travel is no exception. Although very highly regulated for the most part, airline safety regulations take a back seat in a few countries. Judging by this list, it is almost undoubtedly safe to fly on carriers from western countries. I say almost as there obviously is a chance that any aircraft from any airline may be the victim of a mishap causing fatality as Air France, a very safe airline knows only too well.

The Hudson River US Airways belly landing. 
That being said, it is "safe" to say that these airlines should be avoided to reduce the already minute risk of being victim to an air crash

The list is as follows:

1 TAM Airlines (Brazil)

2 China Airlines (Taiwan)

3 Iran Air (Iran)

4 Saudi Airlines (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

5 Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia)

6 Korean Air (Korea)

7 Turkish Airlines (Turkey)

8 Thai Airways (Thailand)

9 Philippine Airlines (Philippine)

10 Aeroflot (Russia)
General 468-1

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