Sunday, 20 January 2013

American Airlines changes its image

The classy new look of AA

American Airlines has revealed new corporate colours which will replace the airline’s iconic polished aluminium ‘Silverbird’ look first debuted in 1968.

“It’s a new year and a fresh new look for American Airlines” said the announcement that revealed the airline’s rebranding, which was developed with brand consultancy FutureBrand.

“The unveiling of the new logo and livery is the latest step forward in American’s ongoing journey toward building a more modern travel experience for its customers,” the announcement claimed, coinciding with the airline’s imminent emergence from bankruptcy protection restructuring.

“Our new logo and livery are designed to reflect the passion for progress and the soaring spirit, which is uniquely American,” said American’s chief commercial officer Virasb Vahidi. “Our core colours – red, white and blue - have been updated to reflect a more vibrant and welcoming spirit. The new tail, with stripes flying proudly, is a bold reflection of American’s origin and name. And our new flight symbol, an updated eagle, incorporates the many icons that people have come to associate with American, including the ‘A’ and the star.”

The polished aluminium finish on American Airlines aircraft will be replaced with a silver mica paint scheme, necessary due to the increasing use of carbon fibre composites in new aircraft, especially the 787. American has firm orders for 42 and options on 58 787s.

This year American Airlines will take delivery of 60 aircraft including the 777-300ER, which will support the airline’s ambitious international growth plans announced last year. The airline has been resisting merger overtures from US Airways.

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